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India’s Largest Rubber chemical manufacturer

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Rigorous R&D to find innovative and sustainable solutions

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Welcome to NOCIL Limited – Dedicated to Excellence and Sustainability


NOCIL takes pride in being the Largest Manufacturer of Rubber Chemicals in India, employing advanced technology for their production. Our well-known brands, such as PILFLEX® Antidegradants, PILNOX® Antioxidants, PILCURE® Accelerators, and PILGARD® Pre Vulcanization Inhibitor, enjoy recognition both domestically and internationally.

As a part of the esteemed Arvind Mafatlal Group, a renowned business house in India with diverse interests, NOCIL LIMITED is committed to upholding high standards of excellence and sustainability. Our focus on quality and innovation underscores our position as a trusted player in the rubber chemicals industry.

Welcome to NOCIL Limited, where our dedication to quality and sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Unlocking Technical Excellence: Supporting Customers, Innovating for the Future

NOCIL’s Marketing Technical Services (MTS) team is devoted to providing exceptional support, addressing the diverse technical needs of our valued customers. From compounding challenges to on-the-floor troubleshooting, cost reduction, and enhancing end-product quality, our MTS team offers comprehensive assistance to ensure customer success. Simultaneously, NOCIL’s Research and Technology division is committed to developing innovative, sustainable, and high-quality solutions for long-term business growth.

With a team of skilled scientists, chemists, and engineers equipped with cutting-edge facilities, we tap into the nation’s scientific intelligence to create advanced technologies. Through our in-house expertise and patented advancements in rubber chemicals, we continue to make strides in the field, contributing to ongoing advancements in the industry.

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NOCIL embodies a combination of sustainability, responsibility, and profitability. As a leader in the industry, our commitment is towards sustainable practices ensures long-term success.

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