Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

HSE Objectives

NOCIL is dedicated to the fundamental tenets of safeguarding people's health, protecting the environment, reducing risk and supporting sustainable growth. Its endeavor to comply with all applicable legal and internal Environmental, Health and Safety requirements allow to better conserve energy and natural resources, prevent pollution and protect the health, safety of people. NOCIL's focus on operational excellence enables continual improvement of our EHS systems, products and activities. We at NOCIL believe that our commitment to sustainability generates value for us and our stakeholders, as well as for future generations. NOCIL combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, thus, contributing to a better future.


HSE Policy

It is the policy of NOCIL LTD. to conduct its activities in such a way as to take the foremost account of the Health and Safety of its employees and of other persons working in its plants, to give due regard to the conservation of the environment and to comply with all the relevant statutory requirements Please refer detailed policy statement by clicking on HSE Policy.


EHS Activities

NOCIL undertake various activities that help to use natural resources more efficiently, minimize emissions, protect the ecology and ensure the safety of people.


Occupational Safety

Under Occupational Safety, NOCIL focuses on,

  • Providing a safe working environment in plants, laboratories and offices.
  • HAZOP studies prior to changes/ modifications, departmental & central safety committees, suggestion scheme, safety inspections, safety campaigns to enhance built in safety in every activity.
  • Employees are trained in safe operating procedures, technical skills, first aid and the fire fighting.
  • Employees are also trained for handling emergencies through regular mock drills.
  • A periodic review of the same is carried out to ensure that the safety practices adopted are uniform and follow the well laid out policies and procedures.
  • 'Safe Attitude Encouragement' interaction round inculcates safety behavioral changes in day to day activities.
  • Regular monitoring of HSE performance through predefined indicators, compliance to external & internal audits ensures continual improvement.

NOCIL is recognized as a benchmark in the field of HSE and it reflects the sincere commitment of the management towards Health, Safety and Environment. Company's management further wishes to reiterate its deep and abiding commitment towards HSE.


Occupational health

Prevention is the essential factor in all our environment, health and safety activities. Meeting this company guideline, NOCIL holds,

  • Routine medical check-ups
  • Health awareness lectures for employees.
  • Medical camps during festival to offer medical aid to local villagers.


Process safety

NOCIL carries out an extensive review system prior to any modification in chemical process or new process to protect employees, site neighbours and the environment. All proposed investments undergo a thorough environment, health and safety review. Over and above the mandatory legal requirements, audits of existing plants are conducted on a periodic basis, in line with the prevailing safety standards.


Water supply

NOCIL is committed to undertake various measures to conserve natural resources including water.



NOCIL's R&D team continuously work on reduction of waste & thereby increasing the yield of a process to help in pollution abatement.


Emergency response and crisis management

NOICIL has a well-rehearsed on-site emergency management plan. Weekly drills & periodic mock drills are practiced to ensure timely action in mitigating the probable emergency situation.



NOCIL is certified under Integrated Management System (IMS) consisting of ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) and BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety System).


Hazard Communications

NOCIL undertakes distribution of accurate and reliable product documentation that satisfies global regulatory and compliance requirements. The requirements of REACH for products marketed in the European Union and country-by-country implementation of the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling (GHS) impose new requirements for detailed, region-specific documentation.



It is the policy of NOCIL LTD. to conduct its activities in such a way as to take the foremost account of the Health and Safety of its employees and of other persons working in its plants, to give due regard to the conservation of the environment and to comply with all the relevant statutory requirements.

NOCIL attaches high priority to this policy, which is equally important as other primary business objectives and its commitment to Health & Safety shall be part of the Annual Report.

The following key points are fundamental to the general health, safety and environmental conservation policy.  Every employee should be familiar with them and should support them.

1. All accidents and damage to health should be prevented.  The employee, at every level is responsible for the observance of the measures designed to prevent accidents, damage to health and avoidable environmental pollution.

2. All employees must ensure that they work with due regard for their own safety and health, and that of others and integrate health & safety in all decisions including those dealing with procurement & recruitment. Their attitude to safety will be a factor in determining their career advancement.  They should do their best to minimise environmental pollution.

3. Guidelines and procedures with regard to safety, health and environment are of great importance.  Every employee should know and follow them.

4. Training, information and communication are essential elements in meeting safety, health and environmental objectives.  To this end, NOCIL provides training as well as channels of communication at every level in the organisation (e.g. the Central Safety Committee, Department Safety Meetings, Department Safety Plans, Safety Newsletters, Safety Observers and Safety Week etc.).

5. NOCIL uses its best endeavors to ensure that contractors working on its behalf do so whilst maintaining satisfactory health, safety and environmental standards.

6. All injuries, accidents, near miss accidents and incidents endangering environment must be reported and thoroughly investigated.  Health and Hygiene Audit, and Safety and Environmental Audits form important tools in maintaining high health standards, improving safety performance and environmental control.

7. Every effort should be made to keep the work-place clean and tidy as it is an essential requirement for safe and healthy working.

8. Every effort should be made to provide products, together with practical advice on their application, which will not cause injury to health or have undue impact on the environment when used in accordance with this advice.

9. Full account should be taken of health, safety and environmental aspects when developing plans for existing as well as new activities.

It is my conviction that the above Policy and key points are of equal benefit to the individual employee and to NOCIL as a Company.


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