Total Quality Management

Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety & Responsible care Policy

NOCIL Limited is committed to manufacture and supply high quality products and services in a responsible manner to ensure protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources and energy leading to reduction of carbon emission for moving towards cleaner processes, including prevention of pollution.

We shall ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements including ICC responsible care guiding principles. We are committed to minimise hazards and reduce risk in our operations for the Health and Safety of our employees and all other associates.

We accord Quality, Environment, Health and Safety as our business objectives and ensure total customer satisfaction by fulfilling their current and emerging needs.  

NOCIL Limited is committed to achieve these objectives through continual improvement in its systems by providing necessary resources for further improving the skills & competence of our employees through consultative and participative approach and enhancing their awareness to deliver error free output and thereby minimising the cost of non- conformance.

Our management systems are designed to identify, minimise and contain potential risks to the business and these systems also ensure that appropriate objectives are regularly set to achieve the desired results.